Thursday, March 7, 2013

Snowflakes in March

Greetings everybody!!! I'm ba-ack (for now :), and I have some great nails to share with you! My inspiration was snow, considering the reason I had free time yesterday was a snow day from school (yes, it is March, and yes, it was snowing, although it was a pathetic amount :). Take a look:
 These snowflakes were done freehand along with a dotting tool. Some of you may remember my New Year's poll (thanks to everyone who voted!), and the general consensus was that you all would like to see more freehand, so here you are. :)
 It was also suggested to me that I include more pictures in each post, so I tried to give lots of shots, including steps along the way. First up, we have a base coat (yes, this is boring and blah, but it is essential to any great mani :)
 Next, I used 2 coats of Sally Hansen Salon in Honeydew. It's such a gorgeous polish, I absolutely love it!!!! The pictures below also show the color better- it isn't quite that dark and teal-y.
For the snowflakes, I really just painted the big ones on, and added little dots for tinier snowflakes. I actually had a lot of fun doing this, trying to come up with different snowflake designs. :) LOL!
 This manicure is really adorable for winter, and is so simple to do! I would love to try this again sometime, but maybe with different background colors like silver and blue. What do you all think would look good behind the snowy design?
 These last two picks I'm actually really proud of; I don't normally take my nails from angles like this, but I think they turned out pretty well!! I am definitely going to try to do this more often so that you guys can get an even better view of my nails.
Thanks to everyone who is reading, and I hope you'll follow me if you aren't already!!! My commenting has gone up quite a bit recently, and I'm so happy!!! It seriously means a lot, as I read EVERY single comment!!! So if you have any advice, suggestions, or things that you like/don't like, feel free to share!!!

Until next time!!!
xoxo Trendy T xoxo