Friday, April 18, 2014

Spring Stamping

Greetings readers! I know this year has not gotten off to a great start with blogging for me, but I figured that today I had NO excuse NOT to post since I am on Spring Break! Woo hoo!!!! Now if only this Maryland weather could start co-operating...

But for now, Spring-y nails will have to do.
 To celebrate the season, I chose a bright orange polish from Ciate that was named Speed Dial. In person I feel the color is a little more peach-like, but with the sunshine, it looks neon.
 I felt that flowers were appropriate for spring, so I pulled out my handy little Konad stamping kit and got to work! Stamping is definitely one of my favorite nail art techniques. It's so easy after a bit of practice, and the results are adorable!
 This shot shows the butterflies I did on my ring finger and the flowers on my thumb nail.

And just a final shot...

Has it been warming up where you live? And either way, have you started your spring nail art yet?

If you are looking through your polish and need some new colors for spring, take a look at Julep's spring nail collection here: The colors are absolutely gorgeous and perfect for this time of year!

Enjoy, and as always, feel free to leave any comments or suggestions below!

Happy Spring!!!
:) Trendy T