Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hiatus- and Apology

Well hello there everyone!!! (No, I have not died, in case you were wondering) I know I've been absent for forever, and yes, it's terrible. And unfortunately, the "news" I have to share with you today isn't all that great... :/ Anyway, I've been extremely busy at school (as I'm sure you guessed by now) and have not had the energy or the time to do some nail painting.

For this reason, I am announcing an official hiatus for another couple weeks (give or take). Hopefully though, things should be winding down on my schedule in the next week, and then I hope to get back to regular posting about 1x a week.

Until then, feel free to look back through my older posts and take a look at what you like. And be sure to leave comments!!! Even though I'm busy, I still read every single one, and I really appreciate hearing what you guys have to say!

UPDATE: 2/25/13 Hey guys!!! In the meantime, check out this awesome giveaway hosted by Plump and Polished!!! She has a fabulous blog and is giving away some fabulous prizes to celebrate reaching 1,000 followers. Be sure to check it out, enter, and follower her blog!!! Here's the link:

UPDATE: 3/2/13 Hello, again!!! I have yet another giveaway to share with you all!!! It can be found on The Nail Junkie at this link: The prize is awesome too; three handmade polishes which are absolutely perfect for St. Patrick's day!!! Be sure to check it out and enter, as well as follow the blog!!!!

:) Trendy Tips :)


  1. :o( I hope things are better and to see you blogging again soon! Sending happy thoughts your way.

  2. Can't wait to see you posting again!


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