Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ladybug Toes

 To first create the ladybug toes, you will need to apply base coat, and then a color coat. Since the big toes will be for the ladybug design (see last picture), you will need to paint those red. The other toes can be red, black, or alternating like I did in the above photo.
 Once your polish dries, you will need to rip two pieces of painter's tape in half. Lay the tape on your big toes so that there are two pieces on each toe that leave a small red stripe showing in the center of the nail; it is very important that the tape cover all but this thin strip. Now, take black polish and paint over the tape as well as the red strip to make the center stripe. Allow this to THOROUGHLY dry before you do the next step, or, as I found out, you may have to do this over. While the polish is still wet though, you may remove the tape.
 Since your center stripe is now done and dry, you will need one more piece of tape torn in two. Place these so that only the very tip of your nails are showing. Paint these black as well, remove the tape, and allow your nails to dry. Add top coat/clear paint, and you are done!

Colors Used: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Black Out and Revlon in Love That Red.
You can also try doing the ladybug design on your fingers. Another idea is to make different colored ladybugs like yellow, green, purple, and blue. Have fun!!

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  1. VERY cute! summery and adorable!
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  2. Thanks a lot Birdy!

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