Friday, August 17, 2012

Neon Splash Toe Nail Design

 This is a great, simple, and fun design that is perfect for summer! First, I applied two coats of Color Fever Petites in Raspberry Ice (shown below). You can use any bright color that you own, but metallic paints look great for this. Then, I used Sinful Colors Nail Art in Sour Apple  (shown below) and Bad Chick (white) to add streaks to each nail; after, I applied a large blue dot with Sinful Colors Nail Art, Hey Dear! (shown below). The idea behind this nail is not to worry about being perfect, but rather to have fun with your paints and to make a cute abstract pattern. And the great thing is, with this manicure, no two nails will be exactly the same!

To apply the designs, you do not have to have special nail art paint, however, the Sinful Colors Nail Art paints came with very fine brushes which create great detail; they were also very inexpensive at my local pharmacy. If you choose to work with regular polish, I would recommend using a fine tip brush or even a toothpick/skewer to make the designs.
Shown here from left to right are: Sour Apple (Sinful Colors Nail Art), Raspberry Ice (Color Fever Petites), and Hey Dear! (Sinful Colors Nail Art)    [Note: The Sinful Colors Bad Chick was not shown.]

Happy painting!
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