Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Icing Gold Dust Swatches

Before I move on with my nail art challenge, as well as my Christmas plans, I wanted to show you some pictures of a GORGEOUS polish that I wore to a dance this weekend. Take a look!!

The photos didn't quite capture the complete beauty of this polish, but trust me, it's super pretty! "Gold Dust"  from Icing is a clear polish with gold and red microglitter. It went on really well and dried quickly too!
And this is only one coat! If you were to layer this more, you would have a LOT of glitter!!! I'm not sure how it would look with a base color either... maybe I'll have to try that sometime. :)
The final thing I LOVE about this polish was that it matched my dress perfectly! My skirt was bathed in gold glitter, and this looked fabulous with it! So overall, I am really pleased with this polish, and I think it would look great for the holidays!!

Only 13 days until Christmas!!! YAY!!!

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  1. LOVE IT!!!
    Howd the dance go???

  2. Awww....this mani is so pretty. Simple yet elegant indeed. This mani is not only perfect for this season but for all seasons.


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