Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Mani/Lazy 15- Day 1

Today's post is a double- it's my Halloween design as well as the first challenge for my "Lazy 15 Challenge." (Although technically, the Lazy 15 should be starting on Friday... shhhh!!! Don't tell anyone!! :)

 So I knew that today's manicure was going to have to match my Halloween costume, and I chose gold and white as my colors. Then, the Lazy 15's first theme was a tape manicure, so I created a design I tried out earlier in the summer. It was inspired from a magazine (not sure which one) and is very simple when done with tape. :)
 To do this, you will need two different polish colors (glitters probably won't work well for this). Paint the first color (the one you will see LESS of) on and let is COMPLETELY dry! You will also need to cut masking/painter's tape into little triangles, and apply them to dry nails as shown above.
 After this, you can paint your second color over top. Don't be afraid to cover it completely!! One tip for this step: be sure to paint over all exposed nail. Sometimes, the tape makes it hard to get every area, so be careful.
 After the second polish dries, you can remove the tape, and voila!!! It's a really simple,  but elegant design. I love these two colors together as well!!!
 I bet this exact design would look great for a Grecian or Egyptian costume!!
 And here's my costume!!! I'm going to be Robin Hood, in case you couldn't tell from the little hat. :)
These are my nails against the costume. The golds aren't exactly alike, but I think they're close enough.

As for the colors, I used Sally Hansen Salon minis. They didn't have names on them, so...

Anyways, have a happy- and safe!- Halloween!!!

*EDIT (November 2, 2012): Check out this Phoenix nails post to see all of the other great bloggers that are participating- Phoenix Nails

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  1. Such a great outfit match! Have fun! :)

    Jazz x

  2. Love your name and you costume!!! So awesome :)

  3. CHEATER!!! Lol, kidding! I love the mani and that's a cute costume! :)

  4. How did you manage to make all the nails look the same?! I'm challenged just using scissors, let alone cut all the pieces of tape the same lol.
    This is a gorgeous look x


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