Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Manicare- 1

Hello all!! Sorry for the recent lull in posting, but a hectic weekend, as well as less than perfect nails didn't create the opportune time to post. But I'm back today with some basic nail care products to show you all. Hope you like it. :)
The tips of my nails were all splitting and peeling, so I first trimmed them shorter. Then I used some treatment oil from Mary Kay. This stuff works great!!!!! It helps my nails SOOO much when they get dry!! It does take a while to absorb though, so I left it on for about 10 minutes, then did a quick rinse to get most of it off.
Then, I painted on a coat of Sally Hansen Miracle Nail Thickener. I'm hoping this will help prevent some of the splitting in the future.
Lastly, I used Quick Dry Base Coat from Revlon. I suppose I didn't really have to do this step, but it made my nails shinier. :) Besides, they needed all the help they could get!!!
And here is just a closeup of the three products I tried out, in the order that they were applied. Again, they are: Mary Kay Treatment Oil, Sally Hansen Miracle Nail Thickener, and Revlon Quick Dry Base Coat.

So now that my nails have some TLC, hopefully they'll be on the road to recovery. I'm currently aiming to get some nail art up later this week/this coming weekend, so be checking back often!!

I have a quick question for you all too, what kind of products do you use to take care of your nail?

See you soon!!
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  1. I definitely need to get some good treatment oil my nails and hands get SO dry during the colder months. I'm curious to see how the Sally Hansen's Nail Thickener works I've been looking for a new one lately. I used to wear acrylics for a long time and when I finally took them off for good NutraNail Thickener with Green Tea Antioxidants was my best friend. I've found that it really did make my nails so much stronger and it stopped them from splitting so much :)

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