Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New November Nail Challenge- The Lazy 15

Hey everyone!!! I've got some exciting news today- I'm joining another challenge! Yay!!!! I really loved my first nail challenge, "Let's Do the Time Warp" and am looking forward to this one called, "The Lazy 15," created by Phoenix Nails.

And below is a photo of what the schedule will look like. I'm going to try to do it, but with school, I may not be able to keep to the exact schedule the whole time...

Did you notice the first day's challenge? It's tape :) I couldn't be happier. And that will be perfect with the Halloween mani I'm planning for tomorrow...

If you're interested in joining the challenge, check out the above links. Enjoy!!

(^^^) Trendy Tips (^^^)

P.S. ^ Yes, those are sharks. No, they are not there for any special reason. I just saw them and liked them, and thought I'd share them with you all :)


  1. i really enjoyed your last challenge am excited for this one :D

  2. Yayyyy I'm so excited to do this challenge!!! :)

  3. Ah! So happy this is every MWF (makes it more doable!) So going to do this!

  4. love your blog.
    great post <3


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