Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lazy 15: Day 4 (Finally :)- Water Marble

And today we finally have last Friday's manicure! I really like water marble manicures in general, however, this wasn't my best work. I really love the way my first one turned out here; I think one of the main differences was my color choice. The red, white, and blue turned out better than the almost see-through pastels I used this time. There's also a water marble tutorial on that older post, so check it out if you're interested!

Here are the pics:

 For whatever reason, my blue polish actually looks pretty good on my first finger. Not quite sure why... :) In real life, I loved the polish combo. However, here, the light green and teal blue are practically identical.
I also did my left hand nails (this is my dominant hand so it usually doesn't turn out great :) and was pleasantly surprised! Besides the colors, I think the designs themselves were pretty good! The thing I love about water marbles is that you can create really interesting designs in the water. My main problem is then getting the best bit onto the nail; I'm cursed to end up with the best part on the tape which I then peel off and throw away. :/ Oh well, something to work on. LOL!

Polishes used: OPI Pink Friday, OPI Gargantuan Green Grape [don't you just love the name of this???], and Wet n Wild Fast Dry Teal or No Teal.

Really excited for tomrrow's prompt which is: Favorite Color. Here's a hint, mine is pink :) And I'm planning on keeping it simple and then recycling the mani for Friday.

Keep painting!!!!

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  1. So pretty!! I think they came out awesome! I had such a hard time with mine also :( I always seem to have troubles when I'm trying to do something for a challenge hahah!! Awesome job tho!! :)

    1. I completely agree!!! It's harder to do it when you HAVE to do it as opposed to WANTING to do it... Oh well... :) And thanks!!!


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