Sunday, November 18, 2012

Lazy 15: Day 7- Feminine Nails

Can I get a yay for recycling? LOL :)

 These little flowers on my nails are AH-MAZING!!! They're white, but they're all sparkly and iridescent which looks so pretty!! I was excited to try them out, and seeing as I just got them last Sunday, the timing was perfect.
I think they look great with the pink as well!! And they were easy to apply which was nice. I just put on a dab of clear polish, then placed the flowers with my fingers. I lost a few while sleeping, since I hadn't yet put on top coat. So I fixed things in the morning, and applied generous layers of top coat.

It's lasted pretty well too, considering I did these on Wednesday. It's now Sunday, and there's still quite a few left...

Overall, I just think the nails look so pretty. :)

Thanks for reading!

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  1. happy happy birthday! happy happy birthday!!!!!!!

  2. Love those flowers! They're so cute :) recycling is good for the planet! LOL really pretty :)

  3. Thank you all!!!! And thanks Birdy for the b-day wishes :) And Kristine: I completely agree, recycling is a great way to go green :)

  4. Love the pink~~ Go bright or go home :)


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