Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Lazy 15: Day 11- Fireworks/Bonfire

My poor blog... Somehow, I had convinced myself that over Thanksgiving break, I was going to do lots of posting and stay on track with this challenge. Rightttt. I don't think so. For now, I still need to make up Friday's post, but I do have Monday's for you to look at:

 Our daily theme was fireworks, and I enjoyed thinking up a design for it! I hoped to have four of my fingers look like fireworks, and I think the attempt wasn't too bad. The thumb was definitely the best though... And on my ring finger, I used the same polishes from the "fireworks" as a base for my new Pure Ice Crackle (black) polish.

This was really neat, as it is my first crackle polish! I think the effect is so cool, and when I had first tried crackle I couldn't believe it actually worked! :)
And here's a view of my favorite firework nail. It reminds me a little bit of the 4th of July... maybe it's the red, yellow (similar to white? :), and blue polish.

What do you think? Do you like crackle polish? How about fireworks?

Here's a little snowman, since it's starting to get so cold here in Maryland. There were even snow flurries the other day!!!! :)

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