Friday, November 16, 2012

Lazy 15: Day 6- Favorite Color

I promise I had these nails done on Wednesday, I just haven't had time to post!! LOL :) Here they are!!! And as I mentioned in the last post, I obviously love pink! Purple is another one of my fav colors, but considering I had no purple polish, my choice was easy. :)

 So I chose two different pink polishes. In these pictures, they look practically identical, but in real light, they are more varied. My thumb, middle finger, and pinky are painted in Funky Fingers Aloha! which is a really pretty polish; it's not very shiny without topcoat, but it's not quite a matte either. The other  two nails have Wet n Wild (I don't remember the exact color :*)
This lighting is better for you to see the difference, especially between my thumb and ring finger. The one is more neon while the other has more of a "purple" tinge to it.

I hope you like the mani, and soon enough I'm going to post this mani that I recycled for Friday's theme: feminine nails.

So what is your favorite color? Do you like/own polishes in that color?

Have a great weekend! I know I'm excited as I get the whole week of Thanksgiving off from school!! :)

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  1. Pink pink pink pink PINK!!!! Pretty sure you have amazing taste in favorite colors ;) LOL love both of these pinks so much! :D


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