Monday, September 24, 2012

LDTTWC Day 5- We Can Do It!

 We Can Do It!!!! said Rosie the Riveter. In her honor, the day's them is one based on an influential woman. I had a really hard to deciding!! There's just too many fabulous females. :D In the end, I picked a lady that I thought I could effectively recreate in a manicure: Coco Chanel! I think nail art would have been right up her alley too. :D
 On four of my fingers, we have pearl necklaces courtesy of my dotting brush and Wet n Wild French White Cream. In photos, Coco Chanel usually had on a black dress with white pearl necklaces, hence this design. Now, the reason they are doubled is simply because my first string of pearls was way too short, and the only way to lengthen it was to add another necklace below it. :D LOL!
And on my thumb, I painted Coco's logo, backwards and forwards interlacing C's.

This manicure has also been dubbed the "Coco Cha-nail" by me :)

I hope you like it!!
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  1. I love these! I love the pearly necklace!!

  2. wow... pretty .. i didnt knw abt this challenge :)

  3. lovely mani.hope you visit my blog and hope you will be one of the followers

  4. So gorgeous!!! I love the inspiration behind it!

  5. Great idea, love them!
    I'm nominating you for "The Versatile Blogger Award!" Check out my blog for details!

    1. Thank you SOOOO SOOOO much!!!!! I'm really excited, and hopefully, my post will be up soon!

  6. Coco Cha-nail :) That's cute. I really like these nails :)


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