Saturday, September 8, 2012

Orange You Pumped

 Here in Baltimore, Maryland, we love our Baltimore Orioles MLB team. And for once, they are finally playing well and are in the running for a playoff position! Woo hoo!! :) Thursday was declared "Orange You Pumped Day" in honor of our Orioles. So that is what inspired this manicure. I also got the opportunity to go to the O's game last night against the Yankees; unfortunately, we did lose, but I have some awesome nails to make up for it. :)
 I started with an orange base of NYC Long Wearing Polish in Times Square Tangerine Cream. I then drew an "Orioles 'O'" with a fine tip brush and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear polish in Black Out.
Now, my fine tip nail brush is pretty cool because it has a dotting tool on the other end which I used for the above fingers. I again used Black Out as well as Wet n Wild in French White Cream. For these, I did two different dotting patterns.

On my first and ring fingers, I made diagonal stripes of dots, alternating black and white. For my middle and pinky fingers I did a "checkerboard" design.

For those of you non-Orioles fans, I'm sorry, and I promise there will be something else up shortly (as well as some exciting news!). For the rest of you, "LET'S GO O'S!!!"

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  1. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the O! very cute and very baltimore!


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